March 25, 2017

Signal Lost: Legacy of the Copper Skies

Legacy of the Copper Skies showed a lot of promise as a graduate of the Square Enix Collective... but all has been silent over the past year. There have been no updates to the developer's website, Facebook, or Twitter since January of 2016. Thanks again to a reader for pointing out this new addition to the dead pile.

Here's what we originally had to say about the game:
Legacy of the Copper Skies from Horrible Unicorn Game Studios (HUGS), features two playable characters, one who inhabits a world of life and color, while the other who inhabits a world driven by machines and industry. The pair must team up in a world-spanning action-adventure, defeating enemies, solving puzzles, and manipulating time. The player can swap control between the characters, or merge them together into a single being with a new set of abilities.