September 3, 2015

New Blip: CrossCode

CrossCode, from Radical Fish Games, is a 16-bit style action adventure set within an MMO in the far-flung future. While the game may look like it stepped out of the cartridge slot of a SNES - and the puzzle sequences are certainly in line with what you would expect from that console - the action is considerably faster. Unlike modern sci-fi action games, CrossCode is filled with life and color, as well as a variety of fantasy-themed locales, thanks to its MMO setting. Gameplay mixes exploration with traditional puzzles involving switch flippery and box pushery, as well as some fast-paced combat against swarms of enemies and huge bosses. In these action sequences, players must dodge attacks while paying close attention to enemy movements and weaknesses, and unleash well-timed sprays of gunfire in their direction.

The game is expected on PC in Q2 2016, and is currently available via Steam Early Access. It has a playable demo on the game's Steam page.

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