September 6, 2015

Target Acquired: A Mini Falafel Adventure

A Mini Falafel Adventure from developer Beadybox, is a short metroidvania adventure about a falafel on a quest to rescue his friend who was abducted by aliens. As you can tell from the premise, this is not a game that takes itself seriously, and the silly humor pervades the experience. While the adventure is not long, the game is packed with boss encounters, including such whacked out creations as a critter with a sentient afro and a tomato boss that you have to kill and eat in order to move underwater (because you're made heavy by the weight). Add in a unique combat system, and you have a strange little game that is unlike anything else out there, which you can sit down and enjoy in a single sitting, and which costs you a total of zero dollars.

The game is available for PC via the developer's website. Check our full coverage here.


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