June 17, 2020

Target Acquired: Alwa's Legacy

In 2017, Elden Pixels released Alwa's Awakening, a metroidvania done up in the graphical style of the 8-bit era. The game stars Zoe, a heroine who is summoned from another world to save the land of Alwa from the evil Vicar by using her magical powers. Alwa's Legacy marks the return of Zoe - who doesn't remember visiting Alwa before - and she must once again save the land with her magic, but this time her spells can be upgraded for new effects. As before, the world is open and players can use magic to combat enemies and to navigate the environment, such as creating blocks that can be knocked into enemies, or creating bubbles that can be ridden upward to reach high platforms. Of course, Zoe can smack enemies with her magical staff to cause melee damage, which can also be enhanced with magic. The visuals have been given an overhaul as well, with the new game appearing more in line with the 16-bit era.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG, and it will be coming to Switch soon.


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