June 21, 2020

Target Acquired: Plokoth

Plokoth is a precision platformer created by a team of four student developers: Jan Gihr, Sam Rassy, Juli Kralik, and Jonas Ellermann. The game stars Plo on a mission to save his girlfriend, Oth, from a terrible disease that has overcome her... and many other members of their tribe. The game centers around performing jumps, wall jumps, and air dashes to maneuver through three dangerous environments. As the game goes on, the air dashing mechanic is permuted upon in a variety of ways, granting additional dashes in midair as the player touches floating fruits, along with fruits embedded in gelatinous blocks, and eventually hitting moving targets. The game is designed to be completed in a single play session in under an hour.

The game is now available for PC via Itch. Check our coverage here.


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