June 18, 2020

Target Acquired: Something Ate My Alien

Something Ate My Alien, from Rokabium Games, is a digging-based puzzle platformer that appears to take inspirations from the Steamworld Dig series (which is totally fine given that those are the best digging-based puzzle platformers you can buy). You take on the role of an AI-infused robot named Antalasia who travels from planet to planet digging up treasures for a pirate who has hijacked it. Along the way, you blast your way through the local fauna, solve block-pushing puzzles (yeah, that's a bullet point), and avoid environmental hazards like corrosive substances, falling rocks, and flame traps, all while dealing with an ever-depleting oxygen supply (because robots needs oxygen?). You have six weapons at your disposal and you can collect items and energy to build and upgrade guns, mining equipment, oxygen tanks, and jetpacks.

The game is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam.


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