November 17, 2020

New Blip: Neon Fusion

Neon Fusion, from Rodrigo Oak (game tweets), is an action-platformer set in a neon world. You take on the role of a robot named Ambar who is responding to a distress signal on what was assumed to be an abandoned space station. Upon arrival, however, Ambar finds the station filled with shambling crew members, aggressive enemies, environmental hazards, and active security systems, along with some menacing bosses. You travel through a large interconnected environment while rescuing survivors and gaining new abilities and weapons along the way, such as an air dash that lets you cross large gaps, a 3-way shot, and an ice projectile that allows you to freeze enemies... but projectiles and dash maneuvers draw from a recharging energy meter.

The game is coming to PC and is currently available via Steam Early Access.

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