January 26, 2017

News: Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop Update

Dodge Roll Games has just released an update to Enter the Gungeon, a top-down action RPG centering around an ancient artifact... a gun that can KILL THE PAST! The Supply Drop update includes nearly 200 new rooms, as well as new weapon types, companions, enemies, and bosses. The game, which is already pretty meta with its bullet-shaped enemies, now features a Bullet Gun (a bullet-shaped gun) that shoot guns that shoot bullets. Yeah, that's what you're in for.

The update is free to owners of the original game and is now available via Steam and GOG, and it's coming soon to PS4. Players new to the experience can expect over-the-top weapons (lasers, cannons, rainbows, etc.) and enemy-packed environments. Players murderfy their way through the ever-changing Gungeon, taking down enemies and bosses, dodge rolling (of course), and grabbing loot to buy more powerful gear. Check our full coverage here.


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