January 24, 2017

Target Acquired: Death's Hangover

Not since Wizorb has a game Wizorb'd as hard as this game Wizorbs. Death's Hangover, from Retro Army Limited (Super Trench Attack) is an Arkanoid-style game with juvenile humor, starring a pair of dead moronic warriors named Andy and Bob, who have been resurrected as women to bash monsters and free a bunch of imprisoned souls. One of the women holds what appears to be a mattress pad and walks along the bottom of the screen, while the other woman is actually inside the spiked ball that bounces around nearly 100 Gothic horror-styled levels. Players must bash through blocks, smash through piles of poo, activate switches, and collect powerups, while dealing with enemy rats, bats, and various dark creatures, including some room-filling bosses.

The game is now available for PC via Steam.

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