January 22, 2017

Target Acquired: Pixel Session Vol. 1

Pixel Session Vol. 1, from prolific Pico-8 developer Trasevol_Dog, is a collection of five arcade-style games developed using Pico-8, a tool developed specifically for the creation of chunky low-rez arcade titles with no more than 16 colors and a 128x128-pixel resolution.

Descent is a descent-based platformer where players must eliminate beams to drop down while avoiding bouncing rings. Lightner is a slower-paced game where the player uses beams of electricity to eliminate enemies. B1g Br0th3r is another descent-based game where players must avoid black static beams from above while touching positive color-coded words and avoiding negative ones. Charging Panic is a game about creating clones and protecting them while they charge batteries of ever-increasing size. And Chroma Cannon sees players operating a color-changing turret to take down snake-like enemies of the corresponding color.

The collection is now available for PC via Itch.io. Check our coverage here.


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