January 2, 2017

Target Acquired: Deios II: Deidia

Deios II: Deidia, from BARCHboi, is a sequel to Deios, and stands as an experimental album/game/visual experience that mixes platforming into a glitched-out world filled with oddly-scaled layered sprites, beams of light, splashes of sound and music, improperly parsed overlapping text, odd popup images (which are editable), and a minimal yet somewhat unnerving narrative. The game is an exploration-based platformer, although the platforming mechanics can be a bit frustrating due to the player character's high movement speed, the general absence of flat surfaces, and the occasional need for precise movement. Exploration involves passing through doors to reach new areas, with very little direction given to players as to how to make progress or whether doors will take them to new areas or return them to old ones.

The game is available for PC and Mac via Steam and Itch.io. Check our coverage here.


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